Visit The Goats at Our Farm

We’re located at 76 Clark Rd in Winterport, Maine. Scroll down to get directions even if you have GPS because GPS is often at least a little wrong.

We welcome guests to our farm Spring through Autumn on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. If you wish to visit outside of these scheduled times, please arrange an appointment with us. As long as we are here, we’re happy to have you visit. We will provide treats for you to feed to the goats if you would like. Once treats are fed through the fence, we can escort you into the goat pasture if you would like and if one of us is there to supervise. While you are here, be sure to check out our soap selection in our shedquarters. We often have special surprises in our shedquarters as we try out new scents, new recipes, new products, etc. Be sure to visit frequently!!

Goats Spring 2019 - 37.jpg

Kinga — born in 2017

A mini-oberhasli, she is half Nigerian dwarf and half oberhasli. She’s an incredible mom, caring for triplets her first breeding. Her blue eyes are gorgeous and show you her sometimes intense personality. She’s ridiculously smart and can solve problems that totally stump the rest of the herd.


Pixie — born in 2019

A mixed breed dairy (Nigerian dwarf, saanen, nubian) goat, Pixie has a huge personality! She loves people and will often choose to sit on the laps of our guests. She is devastated that she’s now too heavy for me to pick her up and carry her around. We look forward to seeing how she grows!


Mabel — born around 2013

Mabel is a lamancha doe who came to live with us in summer of 2018. She is a smart, confident doe who knows she’s big and strong and isn’t afraid to use that to her advantage. She has been known to act like a plow truck to knock anyone out of her way when needed. Lamancha goats are bred and born without ear flaps. They have fully functioning ears, just no flaps, which helps them to avoid frost bite during our brutal winters.


Penny — born in 2019

A mixed breed dairy (Nigerian dwarf, oberhasli, saanen) goat, Penny is sweet and a little shy but is well-liked by the rest of the herd. She gets her blue eyes from her mom, Kinga. We look forward to seeing her grow!